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Green Coins

There is a common perception that implementing sustainable business practices is too expensive to be profitable. I beg to differ.

Verde Hotels is a responsible hotel operator that offers a turn-key hotel-management model based on the principles of thrivability, a holistic approach to sustainability. We integrate thrivability into the design, construction, refurbishment and operations of hotels to showcase social, environmental and economical best practice.

When we build or redesign hotels in line with green principles, we lower operating costs by 35%, water consumption by 35%, energy use by 70% and waste to landfill by 85%. Who said sustainability can’t be profitable?

Verde Hotels’ holistic approach aims to prove that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, while providing guests with an oasis, no matter the hotel location.

With Cape Town in the grip of the worst drought in 100 years, our flagship hotel, Hotel Verde Cape Town, is more than equipped to continue operations as usual, even with severe municipal water restrictions. With a grey-water plant that recycles water from showers and baths, as well as condensate from ventilation fans, for use in the hotel’s toilets, we save up to 6 000 litres of drinking water a day.

Our new Hotel Verde Zanzibar will go even further by recycling black water for irrigation.

With climate change influencing weather patterns and affecting natural resources, we believe sustainability is the only way to ensure a business is still operational 10 years from now.

Hotel Verde Cape Town and Zanzibar are the greenest hotels in Africa and Zanzibar respectively. This begs the question why other businesses and hospitality providers aren’t enforcing major sustainable practices in their businesses? Sustainability profits not only the organisation, but the global environment, so where are Africa’s green companies?

It’s time to find a new, eco-friendly way to do business and Verde Hotels has proved conclusively it can be done profitably, luxuriously and – of course – sustainably.

Green Coins