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Shaping the industry

Verde Hotels has a clear a vision and mission to transform hotels to become sustainable and thrivable (the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet). Let us show you how:

Verde Hotels is a responsible hotel operator that offers a turn-key hotel management model. We look at design, construction, refurbishment and operations of hotels to showcase social, environmental and economical best practice. In many cases, we take over the management and refurbishment of existing hotels; in others, such as Hotel Verde Cape Town, we build these principles and elements into the hotel from scratch.

Hotel Verde Cape Town is the greenest hotel in Africa. The greywater recycling system saves an average of 6 000 litres a day. With the Mother City subjected to drought, Hotel Verde Cape Town saves about 65% of water compared with other establishments of the same size! The hotel currently has a 97.36% waste-diversion rate, meaning that just over 2% of our waste goes to a landfill.

Fine-tuning hotel practices and processes, especially related to water and waste, is vitally important – not only out of a concern for the environment, but also for the sustainable future of the industry. The World Tourism Organization, a specialised agency of the United Nations, marked 2017 as the year to use sustainable tourism as a tool for development.

Tourism is the third-largest export industry in the world after chemicals and fuels. Imagine the impact we can make if we use the power of tourism as a global transformative force!

Expanding into Africa

Our newest Verde Hotels group offering is Hotel Verde Zanzibar – Azam Luxury Resort and Spa, which opened as Zanzibar’s greenest hotel early in 2018.

What makes Hotel Verde Zanzibar such an exciting venture is that it combines five-star luxury with sustainability. We are implementing regenerative drive elevators, responsibly sourced furniture and products, low-watt lighting and a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system to reduce energy consumption. One of the most sophisticated measures will be a grey- and blackwater plant. By recycling the greywater from the showers for use in the toilet cisterns and blackwater (from toilets) for irrigation, the hotel will save thousands of litres of this precious resource.

If a hotel shifts its focus to green operations, it not only helps to save the pristine environment it advertises in brochures and magazines, but it also saves money by becoming more sustainable. This can include elaborate water, electricity and waste systems, but it mostly begins with the hotel management and staff.

We have found that sustainable solutions start with the smallest task, such as finding the most efficient way to reuse and recycle waste paper.

We believe that only together can we shape the tourism industry, one hotel at a time!