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Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport would like to take the opportunity to thank SAFCEI for their continued efforts in the fight for the ethical treatment of animals in the hospitality industry.

While we appreciate their efforts and support the transformation in this regard, we feel it necessary to highlight our commitment to this cause and reiterate this to SAFCEI as discussed with them over the months prior. We are still committed to ensuring that the procurement of cage-free hens is one of our top priorities and in support of this we have already instructed our procurement team to ensure our hotels sourced free-range eggs at cage-free suppliers in our respective hotel.

We are proud to confirm that the procurement of free-range eggs has been implemented at our hotel from 3 February 2020. "To this end, the Hotel commits to continued sourcing of cage-free eggs throughout its operations by the year 2025. Furthermore, we commit to annually publicly report on the progress in this regard for the sake of transparency."

Our promise, to SAFCEI and the public is to be ahead of the curve and ensure this is done accordingly is evident in our procurement process, and we lead the way in showing an effective change in the shortest possible time.

#betterforhens #cagefreeby2025